Visual Coaching

Learning visually

TennisGate provides players and coaches with ready-to-use analysis, training tips and video coaching that helps players become more game-intelligent, creative and adaptable. Simply said: they learn and improve much faster.
Visual solutions
TennisGate is specialized in Fastest internalization of movements through visualization
Serious advice
We combine moving images with serious training advice.
Online Tools
In the most modern technical environment (online platforms and apps)
Visual solutions

60,000 x faster

From image/information intake to processing in the brain to conversion into motor actions, you need the perfect input. With TennisGate videos and animations, you internalize information 60,000 times faster than via text.
From the brain directly into the CNS

Seeing is believing

The visual system is the main information provider for our brain. So the main focus is on improving visual skills.

And that's why TennisGate uses the most advanced and innovative tennis motion and analysis tools for you, the club and recreational player, competitive player or athlete - and their coach - to enhance your performance. We discover and visualize details that often remain hidden. But they make all the difference in realizing your potential.
Observe, analyze, evaluate, adapt

Visual Game Analysis

Our visual analysis help coaches and players. Visualized values and facts from the tour are more attractive and clearer. Tactics are internalized more quickly, actions and sequences of exercises and drills are implemented faster.
Observing technique, tactics and footwork of tour players.
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Analyze and clarify details that otherwise remain hidden.
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Derive training conclusions for training and competition.
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Implementing, integrating into the training, but indvidualizing and taking into account the range of motion.
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