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A Letter to Parents - Why Tennis?

ParentsClub benefits

The ParentsClub

offers you the perfect information-source to help you optimize and assist your children’s tennis.

Fun start

Effective programs to start playing with your kids.

Unique Mobility Testings

Helps your children compensate for muscular imbalances and stay injury-free.

Comprehensive Guides

Understand tennis better and support your children's tennis education.

Better Communication

Better understand the role of the coach.

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Introducing the Volley with the Use of a Swiss Ball

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Feeding from Behind and Hitting

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Lateral footwork in the orange stage

A Letter to Parents - Why Tennis?


Our mission is to support parents in their journey as tennis parents, encouraging them to learn and enjoy the sport alongside their children. 

What the ParentsClub has to offer

ParentsClub benefits

Start playing with your kids

Effective programs for parents who are learning to play tennis together with their children.

Early Stages Guides

Guides that provide in-depth solutions for parents to learn tennis alongside their children and get a clear understanding of a solid technical foundation.

Unique Mobility Tests

Unique mobility tests that parents can use to help their children compensate for muscular imbalances and stay injury-free.

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Absolutely! We encourage parents to learn and play tennis with their children. It’s a great way to bond, understand the sport better, and support their children’s development from a firsthand perspective.
Yes, we have tailored programs for beginners that focus on the basics of tennis. These programs are designed to help parents and their children start their tennis journey together, building skills and confidence from the ground up.
You can join our club → by signing up here. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to our resources. We also welcome you to try it out first by signing up for our → free trial.
Absolutely! Our club is designed for parents of all experience levels. Whether you’re new to tennis or have been involved in the sport for years, we have resources and support to help you and your child succeed in your tennis journey.
Our long-term goals are to help parents and children enjoy and excel in tennis, and to support the next generation of tennis players in achieving their dreams, whether recreational or professional.

Yes, the portal provides comprehensive guidelines on mobility and recovery strategies for young athletes, designed by olympic coaches.

The portal regularly updates its content to keep up with the latest techniques, trends, and developments in tennis.