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Our Team Program makes it easy for coaches to share training sessions, drills, tips, and all kinds of coaching solutions among team members.

With the team plan you save 50% per coach on the annual rate.

Why do you need a
Team Membership?

A good tennis school, academy or any modern tennis club is measured by the quality of its coaches. You know you are on the right track when costumers are happy playing with any coach in your staff.

In stressful everyday life, there is often simply no time to educate new coaches and introduce them to a common philosophy. This is where we support you!

Simply let your new coaches go through a few of the solving problems section in the CoachesClub. Then you can be sure that they know about important training standards – and with little effort on your part.

Your coaches are always triggered with impulses from the CoachesClub. Even if you don’t have time to pass on tips yourself. This ensures a constantly high level of motivation.

Team licenses in the CoachesClub help to establish a uniform training philosophy and methodology. This ensures fewer queries from customers and parents … and less stress for you, the team leader.

One bad experience on the court could easily lead to hundreds of dollars in lost revenue. 

Making sure all your staff share the same philosophy and teaching methodology can go a long way to prevent attrition. 

Your investment in a CoachesClub team shows that interest and cooperation are valued. This can increase motivation and commitment, which has a positive effect on the overall atmosphere and working climate in the tennis school and club. Customers will notice it.

A tennis school or tennis club that invests in the continuous training of its coaches gains a competitive advantage and builds a strong reputation. This leads to higher student satisfaction and more referrals.


The process is easy!

Immediate access

As soon as coaches have registered via your invitation link, they get access to the CoachesClub.

Billing via team leader

Billing runs centrally via the head of the tennis school or the sports management of the club.

Any number of licenses

As a CoachesClub member, you can order as many additional licenses as you like.

Total flexibly

You can swap and reassign team licenses at any time if the composition of the team changes. So you don't buy a team seat for nothing.

With the team plan you save 50% per coach on the annual rate.

Team licenses

99 per coach per year
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