The coach does not make the player. The player makes him or herself with the help of the coach.

They are never your players. Players pass through your program.

No one can steal your players. Players will leave when you cannot give them what they are looking for.

Your best player is not a true reflection of your coaching ability. It is the average level of all your players that reflects your ability.

“Obvious” patterns are only obvious to you because you have been on the court many more years that the players you are coaching.

You are basically just like your players: a combination of strengths and weaknesses. The only difference is that constantly pointing out weaknesses in others will sometimes lead you to forget yours.

Everything is easy once you mastered it. Do not assume that something that is easy to you should be easy to everyone.

Demanding maximum effort is easy. Constantly producing maximum effort is very hard. Pushing yourself often through competition or conditioning will make you much more empathetic.

Parents are part of the package. You cannot develop players without them. Do not spurn them; educate them.

Coaching competitive players is an uphill battle. There is always a crisis around the corner. Accept it and enjoy the process.