This is how you prepare your knees for training, as part of the mobilisation in the warm-up programme – before you go out onto the pitch!

Stand firmly on your left leg and lift your right leg slightly forward. At first it helps if you support yourself against a wall.

Now turn your right foot strongly inwards and bend / stretch your right leg three to five times in this position. The movement should be fluent and slightly swinging. Then turn the foot strongly outwards and bend and stretch the leg again.

Repeat the exercise on the other side.

For each leg and foot position 3-5 times.

The joint fluid and the cartilage layer act as a shock absorber in each joint and reduce the frictional forces that arise. The more synovial fluid and the thicker the cartilage layer, the better the joint is protected against injuries and the longer it remains optimally efficient. In order to achieve this, it is important to regularly activate blood circulation and synovial fluid.

My recommendation: mobilize each joint at least once a day with circular movements.