The joint fluid and the cartilage layer take over the function of a shock absorber in every joint and reduce the frictional forces that arise. The more synovial fluid and the thicker the layer of cartilage, the better the joint is protected against injuries and the longer it remains optimally efficient. In order to achieve this, it is important to regularly activate blood circulation and synovial fluid.

My recommendation: mobilize each joint at least once a day by circular movements.

In this way you prepare the elbow joint for training, as part of the mobilisation in the warm-up programme – before you go out on the pitch!

Take a stable, upright position and let both arms hang loosely.
Now open your right hand and turn your forearm outwards so that your thumb points to the right. Now bend the arm as much as possible and then stretch it completely again. Always keep your upper arm on your body.
After stretching, turn the forearm inwards again so that the thumb points to the left. Now repeat the bending and stretching exercise in this position as well.

Repeat this for both forearm positions two to four times and do the same with the other arm.