Understanding the significance of family involvement is crucial for every competitive family, as it is a collective event. If my child chooses to pursue competitive tennis, it necessitates the participation of the entire family. I have three daughters, two of whom engage in competitive tennis while the other partakes in two other competitive sports, primarily team-based. The latter is comparatively easier as it involves a group of players competing in various venues.

Whether they win or lose, someone played well and someone didn’t, but in tennis – an individual sport – you’re alone on the court against another player. Your child needs a lot of support to commit to competitive tennis, and your family also commits to spending a lot of time driving your child to practice and tournaments, even during vacations.

During this period, numerous tournaments are held, and as a result, families must make a decision. Despite the fact that it is their vacation time, their child will need to compete in a tournament in a different location. Consequently, a significant portion of our vacation time was spent escorting our children to two separate tournaments. On weekends, my wife would devote a significant amount of time to taking our daughters to participate in tournaments. Ultimately, this is a decision that must be made.

Choosing whether or not to participate in tennis is a decision that impacts the entire family. It’s crucial to recognize that this decision will not only affect parents, but also siblings who may not be involved in the sport. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the implications and choose accordingly.

It is not something that you can say, okay, my child is going to play competitive tennis and that’s it. No, it’s it’s almost like we are going to play a competitive tennis. So take that into account. If you decide that you want to support your child’s playing tournaments and playing competitively.