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Rolling movements can be used to activate and improve the mobility of the thoracic spine, torso and rotational stability and the interconnection of the upper and lower body. Thus, the rolling movements are very important for the center line of your body, your extremities, vestibular system (inner ear balance) and your brain.

This test is a good check of control (timing), rotation and trunk stability (muscular balance).

  • Lie stretched out in the lateral position.
  • Straighten your whole body.
  • Raise your arms and legs slightly and remain stable.
  • Turn in slow motion in a controlled way “like a board” on your stomach.
  • Arms and legs remain in the air during the entire exercise.
  • From the prone position, turn straight “like a board” slowly to the other side.

Repeat this sequence in the other direction and compare.

This “testing” gives you a simplified view of your status quo. A kind of functional diagnosis. It helps you to get a picture of your functionality and quality of movement, to filter out your strengths and weaknesses and it should help you to develop a feeling whether your body, joints, muscles, certain movements are rusty or not. With your results you can determine which areas are more in need of attention.

Silvester Neidhardt