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Since we are more accustomed to the forward flexion function in our daily routines, special care must be taken with this test.

Basically, the tilting backwards movement has many positive effects and influences on the spine – opens the entire front muscular fascial side, lets you breathe deeply, dilates the diaphragm and, and, and, and… 

Perform the test slowly – if pain occurs, stop the test immediately.

  • Stand upright with your feet shoulder width. 
  • Stretch the knee joints throughout the test.
  • Stretch both arms upwards.
  • Bend down backwards (without pain!) as far as possible.
  • If you are able to bend more than 45° backwards, you are in the green zone. 
  • If you can bend 30°-45°, you are in the yellow area. 
  • If your ability to bend backwards is 30° or less, you are in the red zone. 

This “Testing” gives you information about your status quo in a simplified form. A kind of functional diagnosis. It helps you to get a picture of your functionality and quality of movement in order to filter out your strengths and weaknesses and it should help you to develop a feeling whether your body, joints, muscles, certain movements are rusty or not. With your results you can determine which areas are more in need of attention.

Silvester Neidhardt