Frequently asked is whether the coach should attend tournaments to watch the player. Ideally, yes, but one should bear in mind that coaches have multiple players and programs to manage, making it difficult for them to attend all tournaments.

It’s crucial to establish an arrangement with the coach that allows them to attend tournaments occasionally. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the coach’s involvement in the tournament will consume their time. Therefore, if this becomes a frequent occurrence, the coach must be appropriately compensated.

Keep this in mind. It’s crucial for the coach to observe the child compete occasionally, and as a parent, it’s essential to maintain good communication with the coach in case they cannot attend. You can always share your observations with the coach, but it’s important to emphasize the positives.

To avoid dwelling on the negative, assess what went well and what could improve. Establish a positive rapport with your coach to continue advocating for your child, even if they cannot attend every match. Arrange for your coach to observe your child play periodically.