The “outer edge run crossover ” trains the mobility and stability (MoStabi) of your ankle joints and your proprioception (perception of the body’s orientation in space and movement).

  • Stand upright.
  • Lift both inner sides of your feet.
  • Keep the inner sides in the air so that you only stand on the outer edges.
  • Cross (over the center line) your right foot over your left foot and vice versa.
  • Stay on the outer edges when crossing over.
  • Do the outer edge run “cross over” forwards and backwards.

During the “crossed outer edge run” a visible O-position of the leg axis is created

Tip: This exercise is best performed barefoot! 

The ankle joint is the connecting joint between the lower leg and the foot. We distinguish between the upper ankle joint (OSG) and the lower ankle joint (USG).

The ankle joint allows movements of the foot relative to the lower leg, the rolling of the foot and lateral movements of the foot. It absorbs the pressure exerted on the foot, for example when jumping.  

Movements that are possible with the upper ankle joint: the lowering of the foot (plantar flexion) Lifting the foot (dorsiflexion or extension) a low degree of internal and external rotation, and an inward (pronation) and minimal outward rotation (supination) of the ankle roll.

There are only two movements possible in the lower ankle joint: 20° eversion (lifting the outside of the foot) and 35° inversion (lifting the inside of the foot) from the neutral zero position.