With this eye exercise “near and far”, brain nerves are stimulated, which activate the parasympathetic part of the nervous system. This has an effect on faster regeneration.

For this exercise you need a stick (this can also be a pen) on which one or more letters are shown.

You will also need a sheet of paper with one or more large letters (horizontal, diagonal or vertical). You attach this to a wall at eye level. The distance should be chosen so that you can see the letters clearly.


  • Stand comfortably upright and keep your head still.
  • Hold the stick in front of you with an outstretched arm, slightly below the leaf on the wall.
  • Now fix a letter on the pen/rod until you can read it clearly.
  • Then let your eyes jump to the leaf on the wall and fix the letter there until you can read it clearly.
  • The change of view will only happen when you have seen the respective letter clearly.

Do the exercise with both eyes at the same time or with only one eye. If you are only training one eye, close the other with the flat hand.

In this exercise, it is the quality and not the speed of the eye movement that counts.


60 seconds

Pen/rod with letters and 1 sheet with large letters on the wall at eye level

You can also run through a row of letters horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Experienced players can do 120-130 eye leaps in this 1 minute.

You may get dizzy at first. Your eyes will become tired or painful, perhaps they will start to water. This could be an indication that there is a deficit. This is part of the improvement.