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Mobility and stability combined = MoStabi

MoStabi training with integration of the joint planes and movement alignments optimizes, activates, improves your mobility and stability, your balance (increases spatial sensation), prevents sports and everyday injuries and also offers a coordinatively more demanding training experience.

Through the MoStabi exercise (functional whole body exercise) standing in the transversal plane, you mobilize and train the areas: neck, shoulder, hip, buttock, abdominal and back muscles. 

  • Take an upright hip-shoulder width stand.
  • Move the front leg forwards in a rotational movement of about 90° degrees.
  • The hip and upright upper body rotate in the same direction (mobilization of the hip) as far as possible.
  • Both bent arms swing in the same direction beyond the 90° degrees.
  • The arms initiate the rotating movement in the opposite direction.
  • Push off the floor with the front foot and position the foot on the other side at about 90° degrees.
  • The hips and upright torso rotate as much as possible.
  • The arms swing back beyond the approximately 90° degrees.
  • Move the front leg forwardss again and repeat the sequence of this exercise.

Repeat: 4-8x each