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  • Take an upright stand and close your feet. 
  • Stretch your knees (throughout the entire execution). 
  • Bend down forward with the upper body.

See how far you can reach towards the floor with your fingertips.

  • If you can touch the floor with your fingertips and more, you are in the green zone. 
  • If your fingertips are up to 15 cm from the floor, you are in the yellow area.
  • If your fingertips are more than 15 cm from the floor, you are in the red area.

Those who are in the yellow or red area of the finger-to-ground distance test should perform the Finger-Toe-Test on the floor as shown in the video. 

If you have performed the test on the floor and you have been able to touch your toes with your fingers, do the test again while standing. In all probability you will now be able to perform the test more successfully while standing.

This “Testing” gives you a simplified view of your status quo. A kind of functional diagnosis. It helps you to get a picture of your functionality and quality of movement in order to filter out your strengths and weaknesses. It should also help you to develop a feeling for whether your body, joints, muscles and certain movements are rusty or not. With your results you can determine which areas are more in need of attention or need more attention.