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Since our buttocks are used to spending hours in a chair, our buttocks forget their function. At the same time, our front hip muscles usually contract, with the result that we are severely restricted in our natural pelvic rotation and other muscle structures take over. This causes pain in the lower back. 

With the test “Leg lifting in prone position” we check whether your buttock muscles are still active.

  • Lie down on your stomach. 
  • Put your hands under your forehead. 
  • Bend your right leg sideways to 90° at the knee and hip.
  • Arms/upper body must not help. 
  • Change the side of the leg and check if you can lift the knee and foot at the same time.

This “Testing” gives you a simplified view of your status quo. A kind of functional diagnosis. It helps you to get a picture of your functionality and quality of movement, to filter out your strengths and weaknesses and it should help you to get a feeling if your body, joints, muscles. With your results you can determine which areas need more attention.

Silvester Neidhardt