One of the questions that we get asked a lot is how often should my child play tennis? And that is a little bit tricky because I think we need to separate instruction from playing. And we also need to make a distinction as in terms of how much does your child want to play.

I think there are some children that really want to love being on the court and they’re having fun and they just want to do it more and more and more. Some other ones are not as excited. But just in general, if we’re thinking about having a chance to be competitive in the game, I would suggest maybe when you’re five, six years old, maybe play twice a week a.

That doesn’t mean that they cannot do anything else. Of course, they should be active the whole week. But instruction in tennis a couple of times a week, seven, eight, maybe three times a week, nine, ten, maybe four times a week. And then once they’re 11, 12 and older, they’re probably five times a week, something like that. And of course, if you’re already 16, 17, 18, maybe you’re playing six times a week. That includes everything, includes practice, competition, playing for fun, etc.

Things have changed a lot nowadays. It used to be that you went to the club and just played for fun a lot and maybe took a couple of lessons a week. And that’s how you learned. Everything is so organized today that most of the kids, when they’re on the court, they’re actually receiving instruction and that is a total different thing.

I think receiving instruction and really focusing on something, it should be part of the the plan. But I think there’s definitely should be a plan for fun part somewhere in there. And so that’s that’s basically what I can tell you. I think the guidelines are not totally clear. It’s very individual, but make sure that it is your child that is determining how often they are on the court. It is not you who needs to be dictating to your child. You need to go play. You need to go play. You need to go play. Set up a few times of lessons for your kid and then let them decide.