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Return of Serve Tennis Guide: Technique, Drills to Improve, & Key Tactics

Every point in tennis starts with a serve, and a return. Your success as a player is highly dependent on your ability to execute these ...
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How to Hit a Kick or Slice Serve in Tennis

Learning to serve with spin is an important goal for any serious tennis player. It’s also something many players fail to achieve. A slice serve ...
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Backhand slice in tennis

One-Handed Backhand Slice: The 5-Step Guide to a Great Slice Backhand

A very useful alternative to a one-handed topspin backhand is the backhand slice. It’s a great defensive shot in tennis that you often see professionals ...
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One-handed backhand guide

One-Handed Backhand Guide: How to Hit with Proper Technique, Pro Tips, & Common Mistakes

The last decade has seen a resurgence of the one handed backhand at the top of the game demonstrating that a good one-handed backhand can ...
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Two handed backhand guide

Two Handed Backhand: 6 Steps to a Great Backhand, Mistakes to Avoid, & Drills to Practice

In the last 50 years the backhand has evolved from a predominantly one-handed groundstroke to a two-handed shot. The reason for this is that most ...
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How to hit a forehand

How to Hit a Forehand in Tennis: Grip, Technique, & Drills

We break down the forehand groundstroke into everything you need to know. With video, images, and text, we cover the proper grip, technique, and drills ...
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Tennis Singles Strategy

Tennis Singles Strategy: 8 Tactics to Help You Win!

These strategies lay the foundation for any tactical game plan and are essential to succeed on the court. A good strategic plan on the court ...
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How to Serve in Tennis: The 6-Step Guide

Want to learn how to serve in tennis? Or do you need to improve your serve? This guide teaches you perfect serve technique in 6 ...
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Master the Court with Expert Insight

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Developing High Performance Tennis Players
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