Peripheral vision is essential for the visual perception of movements. Especially in complex sports it is a performance-determining factor. It forms the basis for orientation, speed of action and decision-making! 

This exercise is very effective for enhancing perception, orientation, eye movement and speed of action. 

Before you start, do a “mobilization test” (twisting while standing), followed by the eye exercises. Then repeat the “mobilization test”. In most cases, this eye exercise improves mobility.

Do the test yourself: keep your feet closed and maintain the position, during the following eye exercises. This is important so that you can repeat and compare the test after the exercises and see the effect on your mobility.

Peripheral vision

  • Stand comfortably upright, keeping your head still.
  • Stretch both arms to forwards, thumbs up.
  • Keep your gaze straight ahead. 
  • Move your arms outwards until you can no longer see both thumbs peripherally.
  • Move both arms forward until you can see both thumbs peripherally.
  • Again, move your arms backwards until you can no longer see both thumbs.
  • Bring both arms back to the starting position. 

Repeat: 2-3x

Pupils follow

  • Stand comfortably and upright, keeping your head still.
  • Stretch both arms forward, thumbs up. 
  • Move one arm outwards and follow the thumb (the pupils move with it). Until the thumb disappears from view.
  • Return the arm to the starting position. 

Then change the arm and repeat this procedure.

Repeat: 2-3x each

After the eye exercises, repeat the mobilization test (twisting while standing)

  • Same starting position: Stand with closed feet and arms in side position.
  • Twist the upper body as far as possible.
  • Look backwards over the hand, fix a point on the wall and remember this point (or angle). 

Repeat the same on the other side.

You may be surprised to see that your mobility has improved with the eye exercises!