Athleticism is the trademark of modern Tennis, and now more than ever, there is a group of players at the top of the game that demonstrates this fact day after day and week after week. Let us inspire you with our videos and analysis of top players. Visit tournaments and watch the players live! Go to the court and work on your game.
Photo: Mike Frey – Tennishead


Succeeding in competitive tennis requires hard work, and the sooner the players understand this the quicker they will improve. One of the worst mistakes players make is to look for short cuts to success. The naked truth is, there are no short cuts. The harder you train, the better you will be. Regardless of what area you want to improve you need to commit a 100%, train with passion and follow a well thought training plan. Only then will you improve your performance and reach your potential.


Our goal at Tennisgate is to help players improve. This is only possible with a productive relationship between player and coach. Tennisgate is no substitute for a coach. Our goal is to support the coach. Players usually have a limited budget for lessons and training, and therefore have to spend a lot of time on the court practicing on their own or with a partner. Every serious coach will welcome the idea of having his/her players train on their own and receive helpful advice about, tactics, match training, athletic development and warming up correctly.


Are you a professional player? Do you have eight hours a day to train? If you don’t, you should spend your time wisely by utilizing every single minute on and off the court effectively. Even top players have to optimize their daily training and should be careful not to waste time. More is not always better! Old habits need to be replaced by new ones. The good news is that a few small changes in your thought patterns and attitude can make a big difference. We experience this every day with our players. Tennisgate gives you new goals and shows you how to reach them. Check our free training blogs!


A tennis player needs to be strong and explosive but at the same time agile. Endurance and quickness do not hurt either. While striving to improve the efficiency of the body and to implement the correct techniques and tactics, we should never forget that the goal is to improve performance on the court. In order to be able to train often and injury free and to imitate our idols at the top of the game, we need to make sure that we train our body systematically. Our experts and partners in the areas of athletic development and functional movement will accompany you as you take another step forward towards achieving your goals.

Photo: Mike Frey – Tennishead