Optimizing Performance in Competition

Match Play | Key Points

This section is divided in two: “Match Play” and “Key Points.” In each section you will find tips and advice that will help you optimize your performance. In the “Match Play” section the focus is on things you can do to give your self a better chance of performing well in a match. In the “Key Points” section the advice will help you increase the probability of winning the important points in competition.
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Match Play
Improve your chances of winning:

  • Am I Losing or are they Beating Me
  • Are you Hitting the Ball Deep?
  • Make Sure to Cover your Opponent’s Favorite Patterns
  • Play your Game before you Try to Make any Adjustments
  • Set a Good Base at the Beginning of the Match
  • Use the Warm up Wisely to Prepare for a Match

Key Points
Play well when it counts:

  • Make the Opponent Beat you with His/Her Weakness
  • On Key Points Play your Best Patterns
  • On Key Points Use your Best Shots
  • Use all the Information you Have Gathered During the Match
  • Pick Smart Return Targets on Key Points
  • Remind Yourself to Watch the Ball and to Remain Relaxed when Returning on Key Points
  • Vary your Return Position on Key Points
  • Do not Let the Opponent Surprise you with their Best Serve on Key Points
  • Do not Vary the Serve on Key Points – Make the Opponent use his/her Weak Side
  • Make Sure you Know Exactly how you Want to Start the Point