Mini Tennis Game

Mini tennis has been an ideal tool to warm up for a long time. Whether in individual training or team training, playing mini tennis is a great way to practice important coordinative elements needed to play on the full court, without even realizing it. Mini tennis addresses all elements of footwork while limiting the upper body movement. Coordinating fast legs and slow arms is not easy but tremendously important at the highest levels of the game. Through mini tennis, players practice important aspects of the game such as coordination, power,  jump strength, ball feel, concentration and many other things in a fun playful way.

TennisGate offers coaches a great variety of mini tennis drills to improve their players’ games. These drills address many important technical elements such as fast topspin shots with feel, high and low volleys, forehand and backhand slice, precise passing shots, long rallies and rhythm and direction changes.

A great variety of mini tennis drills which address many important technical elements.