Net Game

Feeling comfortable around the net makes you a much better player. This section explores all aspects of the net game. Our technical explanations and drills will help you understand and execute your volleys and overheads with more confidence and poise. The tactical discussions will help you be more effective when attacking and our pro footage will help you put everything together by learning from the best.

Understanding and Improving Technique

In this section you will find a collection of clips analyzing and dissecting all technical elements of the net game. Each video will focus on one key element to help you understand the essential components of each stroke and provide you with the necessary tools to improve your technique.

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Although the majority of tennis players play more doubles than singles, practicing the net game has been relegated a bit to groundstroke practice. If you ever wonder how to improve at the net, here is the answer. In this section you will find a great variety of fun dynamic and effective drills to improve your volleys, overheads and tactical play at the net.

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Tactical Keys

The net game has its own set of tactical rules that every successful net player needs to understand and practice. Understanding these rules will help you be more successful when approaching the net. In this section you will find a collection of mini tips (concise and to the point) exploring all important tactical aspects that need to be considered when attacking the net.

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Learning from the pros

What better example than watching the pros in action executing volleys and overheads. Explore this section for clear visual ideas on how the elite of the game solves different situations at the net.

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