Movement and Footwork

Tennis is a game of Movement. The better you move the better you play. But footwork is much more than moving fast. Footwork in tennis refers to the ability of the players to move efficiently on the court allowing them to hit more balls in balance and with optimal technique. It definitely includes the ability to run fast, and change directions quickly and powerfully but also the ability to optimally load the body to allow the players to accelerate the racquet head with ideal speed.

Footwork and Movement Drills

As experienced developmental coaches we are especially interested in providing our members with high-intensity and effective drills which:

  • Promote speed and mobility
  • Train explosive changes of direction
  • Zero in on hitting while jumping
  • Motivate players to push their limits

With these drills you will be able to reach even players who do not understand that footwork is the key to good strokes.

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Understanding and Improving Footwork

Fast running and hitting speeds are an essential component of today’s world-class tennis. What does footwork really mean?  Running fast is definitely not the meaning of good footwork.  A key aspect of above average footwork is certainly the ability to change directions, which is constantly demanded during a match and is a skill, which top players perform better than the rest.

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Learning from the Pros

The ability of top players to hit the ball hard and aggressively also begins with footwork.  An ideal acceleration of the racquet head starts with the legs, which transfer the power upward through the body to the racquet head.

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