Groundstrokes and Baseline

Improving your baseline game involves two things: First, improve the technique of your strokes to be able to handle any type of shot from the opponent while at the same time being able to return the ball with the desired combination of spin, speed, height and direction. Second, understand what type of shot to hit to improve your chances of winning the point in every situation you may encounter on the court and practice enough to do it automatically.
In this section you will find several ideas on how to achieve these important goals.

The Groundstrokes – the Heart of the Game

Practicing Groundstrokes

The drills and exercises in this section will help you improve the technical and tactical components of your baseline game.  All drills are design to improve your ball control and help you make better decisions on the court.

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The Tactical Keys of Groundstrokes

Understanding the best response to every situation on the court will greatly improve your chances of winning the point. Many times it is not the quality of your shot that wins the point but the quality of your decision. The mini tips in this section (short, concise and to the point) will help you see the game in a whole new light. Understanding why, when and where to hit your shots can make a huge difference in your game.

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Technical Guidelines

The purpose of the technical guidelines section is to help you understand the essential elements for each stroke.  Not every great forehand or backhand looks the same but all of them do have many of the same elements.  These common elements are the building blocks of technically sound strokes and understanding them will help you identify and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your strokes.

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Understanding and Improving Technique

This section is full of short, effective clips that will help you understand and improve the technical elements of the groundstrokes. Each video addresses a specific technical element, providing you with clear explanations and ideas on how to improve.

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Learning from the Pros

Top players have the ability to adapt to any incoming shot and return it in any direction with the desired combination of spin, speed, depth and height. Take a look at how they do this.

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