The biggest change in the game over the last 20 years has been the tremendous increase in the level of athleticism of the players. Players are getting, bigger, faster and stronger and the fitness component of the game has become much more important. The physical demands of competitive tennis are tremendous. While athletes in some sports can specialize in one or two areas of fitness, tennis players need to excel in all of them (endurance, speed, strength, coordination, agility and flexibility). In the fitness section, you will find specific drills and exercises to help players avoid injuries and improve performance. FITNESS SECTION

Improving Agility and Speed

Tennis is a game of movement, of quick starts and stops and frequent changes of direction. The quicker you move on the court the better you will play. In this section you will find a great deal of exercises to help you reach more balls in balance.

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Improving Strength and Power

Tennis has become a very physical game. Players are bigger and stronger and changes in the equipment allow for tremendous ball speeds. Being strong and powerful will not only help you avoid injuries but it will also improve your game. Find out how in this section.

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Improving Coordination and Balance

There are quite a few moving parts in the execution of a great strokes and all of these parts need to be coordinated perfectly over and over to achieve consistency on the court. This section will explore ways to improve coordination and balance.

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Improving Mobility and Flexibility

For most players warming up or stretching is not more than an annoying obligation. However, increasing mobility is essential to avoid injuries and improve performance. TennisGate presents tools and ideas to help players incorporate this important element into their training.

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