Meet the Authors


For more than twenty five years we have worked nationally and internationally for different tennis federations, served as talent scouts, been immersed in player development from the ground up, been involved in coaches education, coached teams, developed training concepts for clubs and teams, been presenters at several national and international coaches’ conventions and worked with parents and officials on a daily basis.
Since we share our experience in all of our TennisGate tips – without any restriction or limitations, you have immediate access to this practical visual training.

Edgar Giffenig

  • Speaker and lector at the international TennisGate Coaches Workshop
  • Proofreading translations in English and Spanish
  • Quality control and international coaches network
  • Training and development
  • Admin in the Community


  • Speaker in several coaches workshops throughout the world. ITF, PTR, DTB, ITA, USTA.
  • 1988 – 1990 University of Texas in Austin Austin, TX. Assistant Coach Men’s Tennis Team Helped with all areas of college coaching
  • 1990 – 1995 United States Tennis Association Key Biscayne, FL National Coach Trained and traveled with the USTA’s Boys National Team.
  • Director of Player Development at Palmer Tennis Academy Coached and helped structure program at the academy
  • 1995 – 1998 German Tennis Association Hanover, Germany National Coach Directed the Junior program for the Girls National Team.
  • Centro Mextenis Morelos, Mexico Founder and Director of Centro Mextenis de Alto Rendimiento
  • Fluent in German, English and Spanish

Juergen Mueller

  • Developing training tips
  • Managing the training facilities
  • Quality control and network
  • Schoolbooks for Associations
  • Admin in the Community


  • Multiple World and European Championships as freelance coach for the German Tennis Association (DTB)
  • DTB A-certificate coach
  • Long-term freelance coach for the DTB and current BTV tennis centre coach for the Black Forest-Lake Constance region
  • Teacher in B-certificate training at the Baden Tennis Association
  • Multiple German and state youth titles with youth players from Blau Weiss Villingen
  • In his role as DTB freelance coach, he has coached world-class juniors such as Nicolas Kiefer, Daniel Elsner, Philipp Petzschner, Philipp Kohlschreiber and Aljoscha Thron
  • Owner of the Villinger Tennis School
  • Event organiser of the Easter Camp in Albarella/Italy with over 150 participants (since 1993)
  • Author of many coaching articles in the Deutsche Tennis Zeitung (DTZ)

Areas Authored for TennisGate

  • Writing covers technique, tactics, drills, points, kids on court, methodology, footwork
  • Speaker at TennisGate Workshops
  • Providing expert tips

Oliver Heuft

  • Video Analysis of tour professionals
  • Developing tips
  • Video production
  • VizLibero Operator
  • Head-Admin in Community
  • Workshop lector


  • DTB A-certification coach
  • Long-term freelance coach for the BTV and deputy BTV tennis centre coach for the Black Forest-Lake Constance region
  • Years of experience as head of a youth talent promotion group, specialised in fostering talent up to the age of 14 and training technical basics with the aim of turning pro
  • Multiple German and state youth titles with youth players from Blau Weiss Villingen
  • Event organiser of the Easter Camp in Albarella/Italy with over 150 participants (since 1993)

Areas for TennisGate

  • Technical analyses of tour pros and their consequences for training
  • Writing covers technique, tactics, drills, points, kids on court, methodology
  • Author/speaker at TennisGate Workshops
  • Providing expert tips

Eberhard Schloemmer

  • Fitness consultancy
  • Functional Movement tests
  • Corrective exercises
  • Player Performance Check-up


Eberhard Schloemmer is a sport scientist and official instructor for the Functional Movement Screening by Perform Better Europe. He has been involved in the education of coaches, physical therapists and doctors for the last 12 years. As a specialist in functional training and functional movement, he is responsible for finding ways to effectively integrate  and apply theory into practice. He is the founder of Outdoor Circuit Movement and is a successful personal trainer, and lecturer for Perform Better Europe.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The screening for movement patterns, functional muscular diagnosis, performance testing, and sport specific testing is of central importance in the work of professional trainers, coaches, personal trainers and physic therapists. The Functional Movement Screening is a process by which strengths and weaknesses in basic movement patters are identified in an effective and efficient manner.   Professional sport teams in the NBA, NHL, and in many international soccer leagues, among many others,  have use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) successfully over several years. The FMS was developed by physiotherapists Gary Cook and Lee Burton 17 year ago. Today FMS is one of the most used screening tools to detect weaknesses and potential problem areas.

The goal of FMS

The goal of the FMS is to gather as much information as possible about someone’s body with the least amount of equipment and time expenditure in order to establish a blue print.  This together with the large number of techniques and training systems that have been developed to target and correct problem areas is the reason why the FMS has become the screening standard for sport, fitness and rehabilitation.

Primitive Movement Patterns

The Importance of Primitive Movement Patterns
Primitive movement patterns are often not considered to be an important part of performance enhancement and fi tness; however, the infl uence these patterns have on movement cannot be overlooked. Primitive movement patterns are used to describe those movements most humans explore during growth and development. These fundamental movements include rolling, pushing up, quadruped and crawling. It may be diffi cult to understand how movements such as crawling or rolling relate to fi tness, performance enhancement and general wellness. The simple answer is everything. The development of fundamental movement is the foundation that leads to effective functional movement. This foundation is often neglected in the approaches we take to enhance function and/or performance through exercise programming.

Caius Schmid

  • Writing covers fitness, workout in the athletic centre, corrections, conditioning on court
  • Speaker at TennisGate workshops
  • Providing expert tips


  • Years of experience as physiotherapist to Roger Federer, Ana Ivanovic, Marco Chiudinelli
  • Long established physiotherapist to the Swiss Davis Cup and Swiss Fed Cup teams
  • Swiss Olympic Medical Team Athens 2004
  • Speaker at TennisGate workshops
  • Author of various specialist books and of the TennisGate DVD Tennis Workout with the Thera Band
  • Owner of the Corposana physiotherapy centre in Basel
  • Providing expert tips