Get the most out of TennisGate

Clearly structured tips

Get the most out of TennisGate’s “Inspire” online magazine. Use the information to develop or expand your coaching philosophy. You will find all our pages clearly structured in different categories.
The home page offers a clear overview of our content and updates, presenting the user with a quick summary of all the latest additions to the site. Moreover, TennisGate members will receive regular updates.
The portal is structured around visual content. All the visual information is always at the beginning of our coaching advice to facilitate its understanding and assimilation. All other more detailed information such as frequency, load, advise and tips for on-court implementation, organization or corrections can be found farther down the page if needed.

That is why TennisGate is perfectly suited for the day-to-day work of any coach.
You can decide if you would like to go more in depth on a topic and spend a lot of time on the site as part of your continued education or if you want to use it to quickly prepare for a training unit.

NEW: The collection tool

You will also be able to save all your favorite drills and tips in your own folder and rename them so that you can use them over and over. Just click on the “Organize” tab in the menu and save the current page in a collection. You can add your own collections, give them a name and organize your pages in topics, player ages or groups that you train weekly.

You can choose private or public if you want to share your collections with other coaches. This feature can be very useful when managing coaches in an academy.

Planning your own practices

TennisGate is structured to allow you to develop specific training sessions by mixing and matching different drills and tips from different categories. For example; if you want to practice the net game with your group to improve their volleys, search for appropriate drills under the category „Practicing your Volleys and Overhead.”
Choose a couple of drills from the “Preparation to Play” sections. Combine all these drills with a relevant mini tennis drill, and your systematic training session is complete. If, in addition, you want to teach your players to hit a technically clean volley and show them how top players execute the shot, you can easily do this on the court using your mobile phone or tablet and showing them examples from our “Learning from the Pros (Net Game)” section.


The TennisGate Portal offers the opportunity to write a comment on every page, ask the experts and authors about their training tips, share pages with others, recommend pages to other members or share your collections by saving them as “public”.

  • Commenting

    The TennisGate Portal offers the opportunity to write a comment on every page

  • Asking experts

    Ask the experts and authors about their training tips

  • Share Collections

    Recommend pages to other members or share your collections by saving them as “public”.

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