A Unique Combination

TennisGate provides a rare and unique combination: International expertise in coaching,  player development and coaching education paired with a world wide leading role in the production of visual tennis media.

Our experts have many years of experience in the tennis industry: They have worked with successful world-class athletes as national and international coaches for different federations and in all stages of player development.  They have coached at high schools, colleges and clubs working with players of all ages and levels. They lead coaching courses and present at national and international conferences but most importantly they continue working on-court on a daily bases keeping their thumbs on the pulse of the tennis industry.

The other side of the equation is our TennisGate Media Studio where we are working everyday to develop the best and most modern visual tennis media. Here is where the production of the DTB campus takes place – a coaching education platform for the German Federation servicing more than 17000 coaches.

You are not Alone

As tennis coaches, the tour is your guide. The top players show us how the game is evolving.  It is never black and white and coaches have to continually adjust, but it is important to identify tendencies in the game and incorporate them into your teaching. Would it not be nice to have a partner to help you with this process and who can answer your questions?

Huge Training Library

Our large selection of drills, exercises and instructional videos in all areas of the game will make your daily activities on the court so much easier. We offer more than 2000 premium media in the form of high-speed videos, instructional videos, 3D analyses and animations.

Seeing is Believing!

From the brain directly to the Central Nervous System
Visual information is powerful!  Our videos are designed to help you understand and internalize concepts quickly and easily to the point of feeling totally confident applying our drills and tips right away on the court.  Our founder Oliver Heuft is an advisor on visual coaching for tennis associations and tournaments.

We do not Leave Anything to Chance

You have already seen out powerful video software on TV.  TennisGate is the only platform using this system for tennis coaching education, providing the newest, most attractive and the most motivating tour clips on the web.  Measuring, visualizing and observing professional tennis as a base for coaching and training, that is what we do.

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