Here we help the players to develop the split-step in a small methodical series. First let´s just focus on the technical execution:

  • Legs wider than shoulders
  • landing lightly on the toes

Freeze the landing

In this exercises, we have the players freeze the landing to make sure they are in balance to move in any direction.

Step right after the landing

Now the girls practice the quick push-off directly after landing, i.e. the “vital” stretch-shortening cycle in tennis. They do a split step and add a forehand. Let the players experiment a bit. Have them wait a little bit after they land to see how it feels (see towards the end of the video)

Practicing the movement cycle

The movement cycle is the key to effective on court movement and it has to be practiced.

The key to success is repetition. Here are the coponents of the movement cycle that should be practiced.

  • Running forward
  • Jumping
  • Split-Stepping
  • Pushing towards the ball as you land
  • Shadow swing a forehand
  • Recover using cross over steps

Movement cycle to the backhand

In the video below we see another example of practicing the movement cycle. This time towards the backhand.


Players should practice the recovery steps with cross over steps or side steps.