Suitable for all parents and anyone who practices with young athletes

The video course is specially designed to test young athletes. It is ideal for parents and coaches of tennis-playing children of all levels.
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Silvester has been an athletic trainer, functional and personal coach for over 30 years and describes himself as a "re-"function specialist and de-rostering coach.

  • His client portfolio includes Olympic ski champion Markus Wasmeier, world-ranked tennis players Rainer Schüttler and Stefan Koubek, world-class footballers Dante and Barbosa, world-class gymnast Lukas Dauser and many more.
  • He currently coaches not only professional athletes, but also up-and-coming and promising athletes in the sports of skiing, tennis, soccer, golf, mountain biking, free diving, snowboarding, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, formation dance and handball
  • In a unique series of studies for TennisGate, Silvester screened over 100 tennis players from all age groups for their functionality, including professionals Dominik Koepfer, Sina Herrmann and Alex Vecic as well as many national squad athletes
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The perfect help for parents
The red guide for tennis players specially developed by Olympic coach and functional training expert Silvester Neidhardt offers a holistic approach and can be applied to all sports.

It shows simple tests that don't require you to be a physiotherapist and helps parents to assist and look after their children who play sports ...
  • When preparing for training
  • In preparation and regeneration during and after competitions
  • When sensibly bridging idle times in the tournament
  • For balance training at home
  • As a valuable alternative to the kids constantly "fiddling around" on their smartphones
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What's inside in this video course
Silvester Neidhardt tests girls and boys in the u8, u10, u12, u14 and u16 age groups for statics, mobility and strength, carries out functional tests, recognizes weak points and responds with corrective exercises.

This video course contains 56 videos with tests and exercises for the original target groups.

Silvester Neidhardt not only explains how to perform the exercises, but also why they are so important.

You will receive bonus material with additional documents at the end of the course.

  • MoStabi (mobility+stability) in 3 levels
  • Preparation through controlled, circular movements
  • Trigger points
  • Development stages

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