In this interesting swing-path animation, we admire three forehands: Nadal, Federer and Murray. The swing-path depicts the trajectory of the tip of the racquet-head and therefore provides a clear representation of how the racquet moves through the air.

Of course each swing differs depending on the situation and type of shot the player is using. Roger’s forehand was filmed during a practice session, while Nadal’s and Murray’s were filmed during competition.

In general, each time a player swings, the swing-path will be slightly or sometimes very different. The fundamentals remain (unit-turn, swinging low to high, contact point in front, using the whole body to swing, etc.) but watching these videos reminds us that technical training is all about learning to adjust and not about mastering a specific swing-path.

Rafael Nadal’s Swing-Path

Roger Federer’s Swing-Path

Andy Murray’s Swing-Path