When it comes to tennis equipment, let’s focus on rackets. As a parent, you aim to facilitate your child’s success in the sport. However, using a racket that is either too small or too large can impede their progress in the long run. Hence, it is crucial to provide them with a racket that fits perfectly. Typically, if your child is between three to five years old, they will require a 19-inch or 21-inch racket.

Children aged six to eight typically use rackets measuring 23 to 25 inches, while those aged nine to ten generally use 26 or 27-inch rackets. It’s important to select a racket size that matches your child’s physical attributes, making it unnecessary to consider whether a racket is too small or too large.

The ideal racket for your child depends on size and the proper relationship between the body and the racket. Manufacturers adjust the size of the racket to fit the player’s body size. To find the ideal racket for your child, visit a knowledgeable pro shop before getting them started.