Bryan Brothers interview
From ages 13 to 15, the Bryan brothers played for the USTA national team. TennisGate coach Edgar Giffenig was a National Coach for the USTA and traveled with them during that time.
In this exclusive TennisGate interview, Edgar sits down with Bob & Mike Bryan to discuss how doubles has evolved over the past 20+ years, their best strategies, and their future in tennis.

Key Takeaways & Doubles Strategy from the Bryan Brothers

  • A lot of guys are serving and staying back now for several reasons.
    • Technology is better. Both racquets and string technology like Luxilon allow players to swing big and still keep the ball in.
    • Singles players are now playing doubles.
  • More players are crowding the net now, so they have added more lobs to their game.
  • “Do anything you can to get the attention of the returner.” Don’t let them have a clear shot crosscourt.
  • “Scouting is massive. We have a coach who scouts every match.”
  • The margins in doubles are razor-thin.
  • You have to take a big cut on returns now. No slice returns.
  • Players aren’t using signals as much now.
  • More doubles players are using the I-formation to throw off the good returners.