Whether players have a long breath or run out of breath relatively quickly can be checked with the Body Oxygen Level Test (BOLT). It measures the period of time during which someone can hold their breath without effort until the first breath is required – an important factor for performance success.

During sporting activity, the oxygen content in the blood is reduced, while the CO2 value increases due to heightened muscle activity. This stimulates breathing. If the respiratory receptors show a strong reaction to carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen, breathing is difficult, the body has to work harder, less oxygen reaches the muscles and performance decreases.

The ideal BOLT value for a healthy person is 40 seconds. However, the majority of people (including athletes) only manage about 20 seconds.

Special exercises can improve tolerance to carbon dioxide and the oxygen supply to muscles, organs and tissue. In this way, one gets out of breath less quickly. If the techniques are integrated into daily routine, the BOLT value can even increase by three to four seconds in the first week!

Sit upright on a chair.
Breathe in and out three times without any particular techniques. The best way is through the nose.
After the third exhalation, keep your nose closed with your fingers and close your mouth.
Stop the time until you need to breathe again and remember it.

20 to 40 seconds.

Now do the breathing exercise Nose Breathing and then check your breathing again.